Please notice that there is a new written reading (clairvoyant, pdf-format) on the theme of one's Life Task and Mission. It may be ordered with or without questions of your own. It centres around both the spiritual as well as earthly life task and purpose of the individual who orders the reading.

Substantial, profound, detailed and touching spiritual readings on a variety of themes. What I aim at with each interpretation I write is to create and offer my customers a well-formulated written entity. Each reading entails plenty of detailed information on several dimensions: *in concrete, practical and earthly terms - *for spiritual needs - and also a *deep-probing analysis on the psychological-emotional level - whichever approach the reading in question requires. I do my best to trace causes for consequences, as well as to trace answers to questions you may not have discovered an answer for up until now - yet have searched for. 

Aside this, particularly the akashic records readings often are profoundly healing and transformative by their influence on the client's life, personality and cellular memory: they literally transform the so-called karmic blueprint that each person carries within him, on the cellular and soul level. They often catalyze a person's soul level evolution and set in effect the first steps of a healing domino effect by triggering insights on the past that in turn open up the client's consciousness and rise his/her vibrational frequency.

I am a researcher and healer by heart and therefore love digging deep into various themes and discovering new layers of knowledge, insight and soul healing information.

With a solid background of over 25 years on serious metaphysical studies: 

* Akashic Records: karmic detective work

* Geo/House Interpretations: "A geo/house whisperer's" reports from the three-dimensional world of form

* Flora & Fauna / Animal Communications: written messages from your pet (alive or beyond the earthly existence)

* Pearls of wisdom: an intuitive reading (theme/question chosen by you); distant healing via crystal light frequencies

Animal communications,  akashic records readings (past lives), distant healing, future lives

Payments safely through a secure credit card connection (https) or (to be added later) through Paypal.