The most typical feedback I have received on my akashic records readings has to do with the cellular level change and 'domino effect' 'the psychic interpretation has triggered in the client's life. The stuck situation, fear, traumas or any other psycho-spiritual block has bit by bit started to unfold and release its hold. Occasionally painful emotions accompany this process, or a short-term deterioration of the situation (a so-called healing crisis, which is a concept those who know homeopathy or other alternative medicine, most likely are familiar with). This 'healing crisis' is related to the themes rising up clearly and crisply to the customer's consciousness, out of their previous embryonic state. Only by living through this metamorphic phase, can any true healing or discovering of inner balance take place.

Other common and repetitive comments people have told me regarding my karmic interpretations: 

- The text is compact, precise and each sentence is packed with substance. 

- The psychological and spiritual state of the client enlightens and improves the very moment he/she receives the karmic reading, or occasionally already while I am writing it. (The spiritual frequencies while sent out to someone know no limitation of space. This is also the reason why distant healing functions: precisely as effectively as healing with hands or "on-the-spot").

- The text entails many layers and dimension - and may be read several times, because at each reading, a new layer or new perspectives are discovered, leading into fresh insights on oneself and one's life situation. This is true even more after some years have passed: at that point it is possible to mirror one's own life backwards through the lens of the karmic reading, equipped with yet more wisdom and life experience. 


It is a highly intuitive channelling process through which I receive the knowledge for my animal communications, yet there also exist other factors that influence the words I use in the text such as my typical literary expression and artistic quality, life experience, educational background, etc. I receive the informative content for all animal communications from the pet/animal him/herself as clairvoyance (visions), 'clairknowledge' (information I suddenly simply "know"), occasionally as words and sentences, or even as feelings or sensations. 

I have received excellent feedback on my animal communications, on the substantial content as well as the emotionally touching quality of the text I write. Frequently it has taken place that the animal in question all of a sudden changes behaviour or shows signs of healing and a new level of "aliveness" (physical or emotional) or bouts of an unusually happy spirit after the reading has been written. The spiritual frequencies under which I channel the readings are quite high and therefore the embedded transformative influence transmits even till the other side of the globe while I am concentrating my attention to a particular animal.