Akashic records, middle length (3-4 full pages)

Akashic records, middle length (3-4 full pages)
Akashic records, middle length (3-4 full pages)

Akashic records reading, middle length (3-4 full pages): with questions or a free reading

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A detailed akashic records reading packed with information - aside a healing effect due to how it influences the receiver's cellular memory while opening up consciousness and emotions on old buried trauma, fears, obstacles as well as happy karmic connections. Connecting with your ancient self is at its best a truly rewarding experience. I have received much feedback from clients telling me how deeply the akashic records readings have affected them and how their life has begun to enlighten and unfold layer by layer ever since that moment.

In average 3-6 past lives are revisited in this middle length akashic records reading. It is approximately 3 full pages long, each sentence full of information, and sent to you as a pdf-file.

You may either pose a question or order a 'free reading'. In the latter case, those past lives that are the most essential for you to know in your current life situation are being presented to you. Those are the lives that are the most "on the surface" in your aura / energetic field now. 

Please include your e-mail address while ordering the reading, otherwise I can't send you the finished text! :) In case you must receive the reading as a Word-file instead of pdf-format, let me know.

If you have any questions regarding the content of this reading or other readings available here, you may contact me at kosmisesta@gmail.com

- Pirja

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