Written clairvoyant/intuitive readings, animal communications and karmic (akashic record) readings tailored for you - with a solid over 25 year background in spiritual and metaphysical studies. Each reading is packed with details as well as spiritual substance and perspective. Most clients report me they keep discovering new insights and levels of understanding out of their readings years after they received them.

Also: distant healing (40 minutes & a brief feedback report via e-mail afterwards).

When ordering, please remember to include your e-mail address, because I send all written interpretations via e-mail (usually as pdf -files). 

When ordering an animal communication, please attach a photo of your pet/ domestic animal, as well as his/her first name and age. I also need to know whether the animal is alive or deceased. Photos where the pet's eyes can been seen directly are preferred.

If ordering from abroad (outside Finland), please use either Visa or Mastercard as a payment option.